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Overview of the Archist

  • Archist; A Natural or Planet belief.
  • (order applies) Architypes; Like architypes of order designated for plants or evaluation of animals, an arkitye applies designated order to belief. (both ref. construction)
  • Arch Catholic, Ark Maya, Inca, Muslim, Native, Islam... or other belief; This is consider A+R, Ark with some complication of belief and deignated dieties or gods. Any of the arkitypes, might use such an addition, or not.
  • (rule applies) Natural RULE
Websites for arkist
  • The government of an arch; governmentofanarch.com (how do i govern my own construction and that of others?) (where is strength?) still figuring it out.)
  • Architects of Government (Self, other, not planet; As individuals we each might architects (constructionists) of one thing or another (even stacking cards); and surely not the grand architect of earths nations... (we are not the only common reference, which is everythging earth and astronomy and more. Presented are some of th eperspectives i use to understand the world around me.
    Learn more about building perspective at anark.net
Perspectives of angel building. If it is classic sojourne magic, then only I can see the shades. So...
  • What do you think the illumuel (intellgient spirit making, ghosts) are like?
  • What does illumuel look like?
See The shade experience and early test communications at eccearcanum.com

I am an archist of Florida.
Problems naming: I am a Catholic of Florida. I am A Christian of Florida. I am an archist of Florida. (Does not
sound right saying it like the other beliefs.. I am A archist of Florida.)
I am arch Catholic. I am ark Catholic (a+r). I am an arch Roman Catholic (arc)... Still working on verbage.
My kids were not taught Catholicism. They are archists of Florida. They can aspire any church they like or remain a pure archist. Mine is of the natural land, a natural.

Archist, and where meaning is "of some constrcution," or "Construction," a path indicated. A constructist or deconstructionist, architect, archeology, archetype, etc. The archist is indicated here at a perspective. This is Archist (development page), and Arkist (development page)... construction of self and construction of belief... and also anark.net The archist is indicated similair of belief in construction (one might say i believe god will save me! another might say, it is your construction that saves you. (arguement of christians and the collosuem)) This is Archist (development page), and Arkist (development page)... construction of self and construction of belief... and also anark.net

The history of the word is important, and indicated: Arch, Synonyms of Arch, Antonyms of Arch, and expressed is a direction for personal achievement in that history, or reltive to the other beliefs, and according to some principle.

An archist might value the the construction of self or something else; the physical construction or what it is capable. An arkist might value the construction of a belief, the research of many bleiefs or the invention of their own, and might or might not be natural in origin. The Arcist value the spark. An arcitect, an arcitype, arceology,.. and where some observation is made of the specifics of reaserch indexes not named among the books of men yet for introduction of discussion about the RULE. The spark of electricity, with it owns arcitypes, and for sometopics today arceology of DC power dates back to both india, iraq, and other places.

This is constructed as a perspective model, meaning any topic might have some limtied or infinite number of possible perspectives for one arketype or another (christian, catholic, islam, hindu, ...) An archist might see the construction of the men (size them up,) before they consider their beliefs.

Here is some more information for the archist, or arkist observations.
Here are some added topics for consideration;

I can be an archist, and have no demonination.
Or choose to add arch, ark, or arc to catholic, hindu, islam, muslim, and more, and aspire in each with direction.
Or find what best suits. (So now i argue both quran and bible, and different perspectives if needed, or other books linke hidu or mormon... if needed.

sounds grand... but it not as easy as it sounds or is indicated. One problems at a time for the chapter.

elluminous (elluminati) chapter. so they have something to argue about that is not each others books, and i have a rule i show them. and tell them how to manage planet according to natural choice, when they look the origin of the modification to the terms of a belief, ARK Catholic, all of their churches are looking at the RULE. nobody likes ot be told a rule they must adhere, certainly not the kings of earth. I dont know how else to tell them..., and the thoeryofrelativity.net, as their sciences of nations look into it, i have the laboratories and i teach adherence to an oath of rule, i show them a rule, and say... their is problme if you violate it (like looking in laser light.) ... and the governments, during a war on terrosism, they see i run governmentofanarchy.com, and they find elluminous reference, the stone of a foundation, with a rule on top (something makes it shine)... and where are the other blocks... you know... I think this works... and then we can moralize away the scientific extremism, and the extremism of magics that exploit the rule. Im not agreeing to stop my own natural magic. So i dont.

as learning to understand Arkitect opportunity, i let it grow naturally. And i am not the grand arkitect of all earths beliefs...
maybe i learn each of them to become arkitype expert, and understand logic for king of all kings.. if they dont follow marleys rule, they die. you know, its not me, it the rule that kills them... you know. I say too much radio hurts eyes, and you use too much radio or laser at doctors and hurt eye... the rule was excessive, or same with other things. its not me. you know, but it is a violation of marley's rule. and I told it to them already, my perspective of the rule, and to their sciences. We dont like magic because it exploits the rule, and here your technology alleges it makes magic, exploiting the rule (radio,uline,light)=energy during very dangerous things... these sciences and the results here... something is happening here, and it needed to be said.

Views from over 100+ Countries.
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