The development of the Archist, originating from learning and discovery at UoA, God's Hill, and further, across the development of practices. These courseroom sessions teach you how to understand arcist. Their are 1 weeks of classroom available. They will be posted online when ready. Archist
University of Arcane
Professor, Michael Marley
Audio Classroom
The archist and other content will be divided and placed on the sites as it is produced. SOme old content will be redone, including conversation on the RULE and other topics.

The Archist seminars will run once or twice a month, and i will be teaching the technique of practice. This session area is backed by a numebr of topics, including the concepts of development and more across the presentation structure. These topics emerge at classroom once or twice a month. I am currently operating the RULE sciences classroom, and multiple other classroom, once a month. You can listen to the classrooms in progress, or contribute to content development.